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Domain Security: 7 Steps for Protecting Your Company’s Domain Name

01 July 2024

According to SiteLock's analysis of seven million websites, an average website faces a staggering 94 cyberattacks each day.

This startling statistic underscores the critical importance of domain name security in today's digital world. Your company’s domain name is the centerpiece of your online presence and a key component of critical applications allowing you to do Internet business. It acts as an address for your company website, serving as your digital storefront, customer service desk, and primary gateway for customers to connect with your business in cyberspace. 
Given domain names' central role in connecting businesses with customers across the web, cyber adversaries are increasingly deploying attacks that attempt to hijack company domain names, manipulate Domain Name System (DNS) queries, or scam customers with spoofing and typosquatting.

To protect domain names against malicious cyber threats and safeguard the customer experience, businesses need effective domain name security that includes a combination of policies, controls, technologies, and visibility. 

In this blog, we’re taking a close look at the growing importance of domain security, along with best practices that you can follow to secure your company’s domain more!