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Flash: New Malicious Tool Advertises Comprehensive Personal Information

01 July 2024

Key Findings on New Malicious Tool

  • On June 16, 2024, a positive-reputation actor known as “spam_assistant” announced a new tool called Data Fusion in the dark web forum Exploit. According to the advertisement, Data Fusion is capable of providing buyers with a significant amount of both personally identifiable information (PII) pertaining to individuals and organizational tax data.
  • Unlike similar deep and dark web (DDW) services offering the sale of PII, Data Fusion is allegedly capable of creating bespoke background reports that summarize the requested data.
  • PII such as that advertised by spam_assistant is an integral aspect of many forms of cyberattack. Personal details are used to inform and enhance sophisticated social engineering attacks, such as spear phishing and business email compromise, or to enable fraudulent activity like identity theft and tax-related scams.
  • Given the high and continuous demand for sensitive data such as PII, threat actors are almost certain to continue pursuing innovative, automated tools able to draw from an increasingly expansive repository of both publicly available information and illicit data more!