Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Dark Web: A Primer

24 February 2023

While you may not yet have read our Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Dark Web, I wanted to take this opportunity to suggest that you do. And that you share it with friends and colleagues who may not have the same level of technical expertise as you. It was created specifically to demystify the dark web for people who aren’t cybersecurity experts. Most enterprises, and organizations in general, are exposed to cyber threats and have to deal with the associated risks. And most people that work for them are probably curious about this dark side of the internet.

Most everything I see about the dark web in the media and elsewhere is focused on how it’s a really scary place – that it is where online criminals hang out, sell stolen stuff, launder money, and carry out their nefarious activities. While this no doubt is true, it is a limited view that lacks context – and ignores the parts of the dark web designed to protect vulnerable populations. Furthermore, the dark web FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) doesn’t actually help people in corporate C-suites, and generally in non-technical business roles, better understand how they can proactively protect their organizations from such risks. So here’s a brief look at how the dark web works, originally came about, and why. It might surprise you... Read more!

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