A Guide to Healthcare Cybersecurity

23 March 2023

Today, hospitals and other healthcare organizations face cybersecurity threats that put both patient safety and operations at risk. This guide is intended to help security professionals, facilities managers and healthcare practitioners better understand their cybersecurity challenges and how to overcome them.

What Is Healthcare Cybersecurity?

Healthcare cybersecurity is the process of applying a variety of prevention, detection and response strategies to protect hospitals or other healthcare facilities from cyberattacks to ensure patient safety, business continuity, protection of confidential data, and compliance with industry regulations.

Why Is Securing Healthcare Facilities Important?

Because they are classified as critical infrastructure, healthcare facilities and hospitals are attractive targets for bad actors. Cyberattacks have been identified as the top threat in many healthcare systems’ annual hazard vulnerability analyses (HVA).

To protect themselves from cyberattacks that could directly impact the health and safety of patients and the community, hospitals and healthcare facilities should adopt proactive protection measures for their connected cyber-physical systems...Read more!

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