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9 Ways to Mitigate the Risk of Third-Party Data Breaches

21 April 2023

A third-party attack occurs when data stored on your systems are compromised or breached through the access a threat actor acquires from your third-party business contacts. These data breaches are concerning to businesses of all sizes because it can be difficult to vet potential vendors’ or third-party organizations’ security before giving these business contacts access to your systems in order to streamline your company’s services. 

A 2019 survey conducted by eSentire found that 44% of all firms that participated said they had experienced a significant data breach caused by a third-party vendor. 

Given this alarming reality, organizations must understand the methods third-party data breaches take, and how to mitigate the risk.

How Do Data Breaches Happen?

A data breach occurs when someone who has not been given consent from an organization gains access to confidential records or system data. The intent may be to use this information in a malicious way or to control some part of the organization’s systems. 

How does a data breach occur?

  • An Accidental Insider

An employee of an organization may breach the company’s security by unintentionally accessing information they should not have access to.

  • A Malicious Insider

An organization’s security can be breached by an employee who intentionally seeks out and uses information from a company’s database maliciously.

  • Lost or Stolen Devices

A breach can occur if a device that could be accessed containing private information is lost or stolen.

  • Malicious Outside Criminals

When a malicious outside criminal intentionally uses their resources to create a breach in an organization’s security, a serious type of breach has occurred....Read More!

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