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Cofense Announces General Availability of Protect+ for Mid-Size Market

21 April 2023

Cofense, the leading provider of phishing detection and response (PDR) solutions, today announced the general availability of Cofense Protect+, a fully integrated and automated email security solution specifically designed to protect mid-size organizations from ever-evolving cyber threats.

Today’s mid-market organizations are faced with growing attack surfaces and email threats that are increasing in complexity. A recent Cofense report highlighted a 569% increase in malicious phishing emails bypassing organizations’ traditional email security controls in 2022. Coupled with limited resources and ongoing vendor consolidation, organizations in this market may not have the tools needed to provide the insights necessary to understand and identify the evolving email security landscape. Additionally, these challenges make it difficult for organizations to provide timely and relevant security awareness training programs to help employees spot and report threats immediately. 

Designed with these challenges in mind, Protect+ is a fully automated, all-in-one advanced email security solution that keeps organizations protected from today’s sophisticated email attacks, such as malware and business email compromise (BEC), and incorporates robust security awareness training in one platform. Protect+ leverages Cofense’s crowdsourced and human vetted intelligence, to deliver enterprise-grade Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) to help organizations detect and stop advanced email threats missed by traditional security solutions, catching threats before they reach the employees’ inboxes...Read More!

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