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Whether for Digital Forensics, Collection & Analysis or Risk & Compliance - AccessData offers industry-leading solutions and puts the "Power of Forensics" in your hands!

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We enable you to perform an excellent analysis of your data!

Regardless of whether it involves investigations, legal procdures or compliance:
With more than 30 years of experience in forensics, AccessData offers you powerful and industry-leading solutions. AccessData has worked with more than 130,000 customers from law enforcement agencies, government agencies, corporations, and law firms. But what is the result of this comprehensive insight into the processes and requirements of forensic data collection and analysis? To create products that deliver faster results, better intelligence, and increased connectivity.

Our proven approach to forensics offers you endless benefits, no matter what the challenge.

FTK® (Forensik Toolkit)

Collect relevant evidence more efficiently, conduct investigations faster and accelerate analysis speed with the powerful and proven FTK®, which works with mobile devices and e-discovery technology.

AD Enterprise

AD Enterprise gives you the ability to conduct faster and more targeted Post Breach, HR and compliance investigations across your organization in a single, robust solution - without disrupting business operations.


With Quin-C you can empower investigation teams to conduct inspections better and faster than ever before. Quin-C extends AccessData solutions, giving you maximum control over the processing, localization, analysis, and documentation of key data.

Core Functions


    With our expertise in digital forensics, we provide the tools to analyse computers, mobile devices, and network communications. Get a comprehensive overview of what is happening in your company and who is involved. Because only if you know more you can act faster.


    Do you want to be able to meet even the most demanding data collection requirements while saving both money and resources? Do you want to minimize risks or ensure compliance? Our targeted and reliable forensic tools for data collection, data processing, data analysis and data storage reduce your costs and risks.


    Through a targeted enterprise search and the forensic collection and analysis of suspicious data, you can uncover risks for your company and maintain compliance. Stop risk immediately by taking actions that delete corrupt files, terminate processes, and stop non-compliant applications across endpoints.


FTK® (Forensik Toolkit)

  • Unmatched speed and stability:
    100% utilization of multi-thread / multi-core computers to collect relevant evidence
  • Faster searching:
    Data is indexed in advance, which leads to more efficient filtering and searching
  • Database driven (AD Lab):
    Cost reduction by using a common case database, in which all data is stored centrally and securely

AD Enterprise

  • Preview live data:
    Preview and filter live data at the endpoint, retrieving only the data that matters to your investigation
  • Remote collaboration:
    Built-in tasking collaboration tools help investigative teams work together
  • Covert investigations:
    Discreetly monitor content, scan your network, investigate IP theft and tack employee misconduct


  • Transformative environment:
    Improving efficiency and processing volume by using next-generation features
  • Empowered investigators:
    Establishing meaningful links and intelligence within, between and across cases → Investigations are expanded and accelerated
  • Dynamic investigations:
    Continually evolving our flexible, widget-based HTML5 environment to respond to the dynamic needs of investigations

Vendor Support:


  • Multilingual technical support:
    Monday - Friday
    from 7 to 18

  • English language support:
    Saturday and Sunday
    from 8 to 18

  • Partner status:
    Partner and Premium Partner
  •  Tailor-made service offers:
  • Overview:

    1. Hosting Services
    2. Dedicated On-Site Services
    3. Ad Hoc Services
  • Digital Forensic Support:

    1. Data Acquisition & Preservation
    2. Forensic Analysis
    3. Expert Witness Testimony
  • Litigation Support:

    1. E-Discovery Processing
    2. Case Walk Through
    3. Workflow Analysis and Documentation
    4. Managed Services
  • Digital Investigation Certification:
    → ACE 6 exam
  • Legal Solutions Certifications:
    → Summation Certified Enduser (SCE)
    → Summation Certified Case Manager (SCCM)
    → Summation Certified Adminstrator (SCA)
  • Application Scenarios

    • Cross-Case Search and Multi-Case Analysis recognise patterns and relationships between data sets in a way that humans cannot
    • Integrated, interactive dashboards (schedules, maps, charts and link analysis) will help you to structure the analysis of your case and data
    • Our comprehensive forensic investigation solution supports the unique, dynamic workflows of investigative teams, IT and legal departments, and forensic laboratories
    • Overview of the most relevant results in a search by configuration and adjustment of the criteria by priority
  • Impact of the technology


    Our product portfolio is geared for international business. Our products can easily be adapted to the size and requirements of your company. These solutions can handle large volumes of data and promote efficient collaboration between teams, locations and departments. Regardless of where your teams are located and which regional particularities you need to take into account - AccessData gives you the tools to reduce costs, become more efficient and minimise risks.


    Ensure that your investigations are handled efficiently to reduce costs and protect your data.

  • Benefits of a partnership with AccessData

    • More than 30 years of experience in the field of forensics
    • Collaboration with the global market leader in digital forensics
    • The global forensics market faces unique challenges in terms of digital forensic processes, technologies and operations. Proven forensic tools support the collection of evidence
    • Support in the administration of the e-discovery process and thus cost reduction
    • Utilization of cross-selling potentials with existing customers
  • Benefits of a partnership with ectacom

    • Dedicated contact person for all AccessData issues
    • Sales support for quotations, project registrations
    • Technical support for appointments on site or remote
    • Extensive expertise on marketing campaigns (address procurement, roundtables, etc.)

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