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Smart DNS Shield for medium-sized businesses.

To ensure that damage does not have a negative impact on your productivity!

About Blue Shield:

The Linz-based company Blue Shield is Europe's leader in real-time blocking of deceptive DNS names, preventing damage by not letting the user onto the Internet in the first place. The company is founded in 2015 and is an Austrian based company.  The company conducts research on Machine Learning in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence on an international and university level. In the company's own Threat Intelligence Defense Center, Blue Shield Umbrella was developed, a defense program that eliminates threats from hackers and malware of any kind before they even enter the network.

Product & Function Overview

Blue Shield Umbrella provides innovative and advanced real-time malware detection via centralized cloud-based threat intelligence.
Furthermore, scanning takes place outside the LAN, preventing potential malware from even entering your network. Blue Shield
Umbrella protects all IP-based devices, even if they are located outside the corporate network.

Core functions

Blue Shield Umbrella provides DNS protection and ensures safe web browsing.

  • Predictive calculations through mathematical
    algorithms and artificial intelligence are providing the highest level of protection against malware - in real time via centralized cloud-based threat intelligence

  • It is not only a central component for companies, but can also equip every end device - whether PC, Mac or smartphone - with an app

  • Scanning takes place outside your LAN, potential malware never even enters your network

  • No need to install software on the LAN

  • No consumption of expensive resources such as computing power, RAM, hard disk drive

  • No update mechanisms necessary, thus no check of the update function is necessary either

  • No administrative effort necessary

  • Averted threats and measurable effectiveness can be viewed in the dashboard

  • There is no data retention

  • Independent of the IT landscape and operating systems used in the LAN

  • Protection of proprietary systems and industrial IT components

Unique selling points

Single whitelist/allowlist filter for DNS security

No signatures or blacklists/denylists

100% DSGVO-compliant


German speaking support

Flexible licensing

Impact of the technology

  • Increase of the safety level
  • Relief of the IPS systems
  • 100% DSGVO compliant
  • No transfer of personal data
  • No installation of software in the LAN necessary
  • No consumption of expensive resources such as computing power, RAM, hard drive
  • Protection of internal support resources, because of low maintenance
  • Reduces costs for external service providers, as the stable and low-support Blue Shield service means that the IT department has more free resources for issues with a higher priority and the service providers would not have to be used externally

  • Faster return on investment, as BlueShield pays for itself quickly


  • Free 24x7 IT support in German for the entire license period
  • Email-Support: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • It is licensed for one or more employees/users who actively operate a terminal device with Internet access
  • The licensing takes place with a term of 1-5 years

  • Benefits of a partnership with Blue Shield

    • Selling Blue Shield solutions helps drive business growth and profitability

    • Blue Shield as a competitive and cross-selling strategy with existing customers

    • Medium-sized companies want to focus on their core competencies and are looking for simple and secure mechanisms to surf the Internet cleanly without having to maintain large SOC departments

    • Very good price-performance ratio tailored to the needs of medium-sized companies

    • With Blue Shield you make a good margin

  • Benefits of a partnership with ectacom

    • Dedicated personal contact in all BlueShield matters

    • Sales support for quotations, project registrations

    • Technical support for on-site or remote appointments

    • Extensive expertise on marketing campaigns (address acquisition, co-branding, roundtables, etc.)

    • Technical and sales training for partners (online, on-site)


  • Vendors references

    • Hofburg Vienna
    • Johannes Keppler University Linz
    • Wiener Städtische
    • staatliche Gesellschaften wie dieASFINAG
    • VKB Bank
    • S. Spitz
    • Banner
    • Westbahn

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