Cobalt´s Pentest as a Service Plattform

Cobalt's Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) platform, combined with an exclusive tester community, delivers the real-time insights you need to quickly eliminate risk and innovate with confidence.

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About Cobalt:

Companies need manual penetration testing performed on their digital assets to establish trust with customers, comply with regulatory requirements, and improve their security posture. Traditional pentesting services take weeks to schedule and deliver, work in isolation, and provide written results long after code has been released. This cumbersome and inefficient process does not fit with today’s agile development practices, leaving companies exposed to the risk of breach. 

Cobalt´s PtaaS Plattform – faster, smarter, stronger pentesting!

Cobalt’s Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) platform is modernizing traditional pentesting. By combining a SaaS platform with an exclusive community of testers, we deliver the real-time insights you need to remediate risk quickly and innovate securely.

Core functions

Easily scope assets with on-demand credit model

 Pur penetration operations team matches you with a pentester

 Pentest is performed within a 2 week time frame with updated in the platform in real-time

Remediate vulnerabilities and re-test in the platform for free

Unique selling points

Start Testing Faster

Launch pentests in days, not weeks with our intuitive SaaS platform and team of on-demand security experts

Remediate Risk Smarter

Accelerate find-to-fix cycles through technology integrations and real-time collaboration with pentesters

Make Security Stronger

Mature your security program through a scalable, data-driven approach to pentesting

  • Licensing

    • Cobalt offers annual licenses for our cloud-based PtaaS software
    • Each license is comprised of Cobalt credits, a flexible consumption model where pentests are sold in groups & redeemed easily throughout the year for a continuous & carefree pentesting experience.

  • Impact of the technologie

    on security, compliance, TCO & optimization of resources
    • Today’s pentests must be agile, actionable, smart, and collaborative.
    • With Pentest as a service, Cobalt combines a SaaS approach with a collaborative platform to modernize pentesting.
    • Using a limited community of vetted, expert pentesters to address the Skills shortage, we deliver Speed, ease, and flexibility, especially in the pentest procurement and planning.
    • Via The platform, we provide Real-time visibility as well as collaboration from onboarding to remediation, while empowering agile teams to do more with the same resources.
  • Benefits of a partnership with Cobalt

    • Discounts and preferred pricing

    • GTM Benefits and Activities

  • Benefits of a partnership with ectacom

    • Dedicated personal contact in all Cobalt matters
    • Sales support for quotations, project registrations
    • Technical support for on-site or remote appointments
    • Extensive expertise on marketing campaigns (address acquisition, roundtables, etc.)
  • Vendor support

    • Each pentest has its own Slack channel.

    • The core pentester, the CSM, and a pentest architect are invited to join the customer channel.

    • Throughout the deployment, the pentesters upload discovered vulnerabilities to the Cobalt platform and provide Slack updates.

    • Customers are encouraged to engage directly with the pentesters as they review and validate findings.

  • Awards

  • Certifications

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