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DriveLock Zero Trust Plattform

Data Security with the Zero Trust model:
With Zero Trust you can reliably protect your company, your data and systems against data loss.

About DriveLock SE:

We are a German company, headquartered in Munich. Founded in 1999, we are now one of the leading international specialists for IT and data security with offices in Germany, France, Australia, Singapore, Middle East and the USA. In the age of digital transformation, the success of companies depends largely on how reliably people, companies and services are protected against both cyber-attacks and the loss of valuable data. Our goal is to reliably protect corporate data, devices, and systems. To achieve this, we rely on the latest technologies, experienced security experts and solutions based on the Zero-Trust Model. In today's security architectures, Zero Trust means a paradigm shift according to the maxim "Never trust, always verify".

Our DriveLock Zero-Trust platform follows this principle. It combines the elements:

  • Data Protection
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Identity & Access Management

The fully integrated zero-trust platform supports different operating systems, end devices and is offered as an on-premise solution and managed security service. Our solution is Made in Germany and “without backdoor”.

Product & Function Overview

DriveLock Zero Trust Plattform – „Never trust, always verify“

Endpoint Detection & Response

  • Forensic investigation of threats and violations
  • Identification and response to security threats
  • Protocolling of all processes

Data Encryption

  • Encryption of hard disks, mobile storage devices and external storage media
  • Central management of Windows BitLocker encryption
  • Encryption of central, local and cloud directories

Endpoint Protection

  • Endpoint protection with application and interface control
  • Intelligent whitelisting against known and unknown malware
  • Restricted use of external drives and devices

Security Awareness

  • Reinforcing the "Human Firewall
  • Context-based campaigns & integrated content database
  • Documents the implementation of protective measures in the sense of the EU-DSGVO

Identity & Access Management

  • Smart Card Middleware & Virtual Smartcards
  • Secure authentication and authorization procedures, e.g. two-factor authentication and integration of existing user directories (Active Directory)

DriveLock Core functions

drivelock icon 0003 bugPROTECTION

from harmful software, malware, ransomware and zero-day exploits in companies.

drivelock icon 0002 toolCONTROL

about which mobile devices are allowed to be connected to the company network.


in local or central directories and on external media.


and raise awareness of relevant IT risks.


e.g. the current security status of an endpoint is displayed and advice is given on how to avoid threats.

drivelock icon 0000 card

Virtual SmartCard uses the PC's TPM chip to secure cryptographic keys and perform secure functions. The middleware supports cards from all common smart card providers (>100 smart cards).


DriveLock Microsoft Defender Management

  • Central configuration for all prevention tools via the DriveLock management console eliminates the need for additional management solutions such as Microsoft Intune or SCCM
  • All Defender AV settings can be configured quickly and easily within a DriveLock policy. There is no need to distribute individual group policies
  • In conjunction with DriveLock interface control, the release of external drives can be linked to the result of a Defender AV scan
  • Own Defender view in the DriveLock Operation Center fulfills legal obligations to provide evidence and enables compliance reports

DriveLock Vulnerability Management

  • Continuous evaluation of weak points and the current security situation
  • Comprehensive vulnerability database with 115,000 definitions for a total of around 140,000 CVEs
  • Follows the NIST standard using SCAP and detected CVEs with CVSS scores
  • Scalable solution for small, medium and large companies
  • Multi-tenancy, multi-user and role-based access


Made in Germany.
Development and technical support from Germany without backdoor:

DriveLock's mission is to reliably protect enterprise data, devices, and systems.

To achieve this, DriveLock relies on the latest technologies, experienced security experts and solutions based on the Zero-Trust Model.

Highly flexible, granular adaptation to corporate processes

Protects securely against threats such as Zero-Day Exploits, malware or contaminated USB sticks. Intelligent Predictive Whitelisting enables easy configuration without any effort.

Intelligent control of your devices, drives and USB ports.

"Human Firewall" through employee sensitization and IT security training.

Effective IT security training, cost-effective and very flexible implementation. Documents the implementation of protective measures in terms of the EU-DSGVO. Interactive display of security relevant information at the right time.   

Data security and data protection through encryption

Transparent and fast hard-disk encryption, reliable directory and file encryption, secure pre-boot authentication (PBA) for DriveLock Smart DiskProtect and Microsoft BitLocker encryption, encryption of removable storage devices such as USB sticks, CD/DVD or mobile hard-disks.



Work processes do not change or only change minimally, assistants support the compliance with safety requirements


Minimized liability risk through transparency and regulatory compliance


Central administration, monitoring & reporting

  • Application scenarios

    • Effective protection against ransomware, unauthorized programs and processes are stopped
    • Controlled and regulated access to internal and external devices and drives
    • Event-based safety awareness training for employees
    • Central management of BitLocker environments including self-service
    • Secure and encrypted file exchange with customers/partners (external)
    • IT service providers who maintain/back up file servers are not able to see any file contents
    • Encryption of sensitive network drives (example personnel, Workers' council, research/teaching)
    • Security-relevant events on the end device must be recorded and logged (GDPR)
  • Impact of the technology

    • Protection against data loss and data theft
      Efficient and effective protection against unknown threats
    • Continuous training and sensitization of employees
    • Implementation of and compliance with EU-DSGVO or ISO 27001 certification
    • Compliance and enforcement of internal policies, compliance requirements & data protection laws
    • Central configuration and administration of Microsoft Bitlocker without complex key management
    • Encryption of business-critical data on internal drives and external cloud providers
  • Benefits of a partnership with DriveLock

    • DriveLock's mission is to reliably protect enterprise data, devices and systems. DriveLock uses the latest technologies, experienced security experts and solutions based on the zero-trust model
    • Cooperation with one of the internationally leading specialists for IT and data security
    • Made in Germany, development and technical support from Germany and "without backdoor"
    • Enthusiasm, team spirit, performance, customer orientation, appreciation and open communication with our partners
    • Attractive margins when selling DriveLock’s Products and Solutions
  • Benefits of a partnership with ectacom

    • Dedicated contact person for all DriveLock related issues
    • Sales support for quotations, project registrations
    • Technical support for appointments on site or remote
    • Extensive expertise on marketing campaigns (address procurement, roundtables, etc.)
  • Vendor Support

    Phone support
    English and German language support is available Monday - Friday from 9 am - 5 pm CET ( except holidays in Bavaria) .

    Online Service Desk
    Service Desk Portal for support requests.

  • Awards

    • TOP 100 innovator in the years 2008 to 2018; last in 2017 and 2018
    • Tele Trust Quality Seal - Security Made in Germany
    • Member of the Alliance for Cyber Security
    • Infosed Awards Winner - Cyber Defense Magazine 2018
  • Certification

    • In cooperation with our technology partner Utimaco, we have received for their solution (Utimaco DiskEncrypt) approval from the BSI for VS-Nfd
    • Certification of DriveLock Device & Application Control 2019.2 according to CC EAL 3+ by CSEC, planned completion: Q2/2020b

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