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About Mandiant

Mandiant is recognised by businesses, governments and law enforcement agencies around the world as the leader in cyber security threat intelligence and expertise. To help every organisation prepare for cyber threats with confidence, Mandiant scales its intelligence and expertise through the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform to provide up-to-date intelligence, automation of alert investigation, and prioritisation and validation of multi-vendor security control products.



Mandiant Advantage is a multi-vendor XDR platform that provides security teams of all sizes with Mandiant's expertise and frontline intelligence.

Lernen & Adaptieren

Expand your existing security solutions

Enhance your security capabilities through automation of Mandiant expertise as a virtual extension of your team - no matter which security controls you have deployed.

Originell & Transparent

Enhance your visibility and prioritization

See the threats Mandiant sees targeting you and your peers and continuously monitor your attack surface and internal controls to drive prioritization and focus.


Gain advantage quickly and scale efficiently

SaaS-based approach deploys in hours, scales with your environment and delivers consistent expert analysis without the need for extensive and costly manual efforts.   


Flexible Delivery

The Mandiant Advantage Platform is delivered as technology, with supporting expertise or a fully managed engagement based on your requirements.

Mandiant Advantage Modules

Automated Defense
Mandiant Advantage

Extend the capabilities of your SOC through automation that puts Mandiant's expertise at your disposal as a virtual extension of your team. Automated Defense embeds Mandiant's expertise into its software, enabling security teams to diagnose situations faster, more accurately and with fewer losses due to benign indicators or false positive alerts.

Threat Intelligence
Mandiant Threat Intelligence

Empower your team to understand and proactively protect against the latest and most critical threats to your business with unparalleled frontline cyber threat intelligence. Access breach information before it's publicly available to stay one step ahead of attackers.

Security Validation

Validate and continuously measure the effectiveness of your cybersecurity controls. Identify and implement improvement opportunities, streamline your security investments and remove duplicate or obsolete security tools.

Attack Surface Management

See your company through the eyes of the attacker. Discover and continuously monitor your attack surface. 

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