Novicom - Network Management, Monitoring and Security.

Thanks to its own technologies, it achieves above-standard security and operational reliability, even in large-scale distributed networks.

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Novicom, s.r.o. is a Czech manufacturer of tools for network management, monitoring and security. They have been active in the IT market since 1994 and focus on medium and large customers who require a high level of security and operational reliability for their networks.

Novicom Solutions

Integrated DDI/NAC. A operational and security tool providing full network visibility, highly efficient IP address space management (IPAM) and advanced network access control (NAC)

Business Visibility Suite - A tool for unambiguous visualization of network communications and modeling of business services and IT infrastructure.

SIEM &  Logmanagement - Tool for intercepting and evaluating cybernetic security events

Impact of the technology

Collection and evaluation of system logs
  • Log management functionality
  • SIEM functionality
Integrated network management
  • L2 monitoring - localisation of a device in a network
  • DDI (IPAM/DHCP/DNS) - management of IP address plan and network services
  • NAC - Management of network access control including segmentation and micro-segmentation
Support the management and monitoring of distributed networks
  • Distributed management model of DDI/NAC networks
  • Monitoring of remote sites
  • L2, Netflow/IPfix, Syslog

Complete visibility of assets and their communication
  • Visualisation and classification of IT assets
  • Visualisation of the communication of IT resources
Support in decision-making for the resolution of an incident
  • Investigation of asset communication
  • Predicting the impact of an unavailable asset on an ongoing business service (application)
  • Licensing

    • Perpetual licence
    • Licensing by number of IP addresses, 100 - 50,000+
  • Vendor Support

    • Technical Support - English
    • Sales Support - English- and German-speaking
  • Advantages of a partnership with Novicom

    • Discount (attractive margin) for partners

    • Collaboration with SOC partners and consultants (Deloitte, BDO).

    • A comprehensive portfolio of products that build on each other, enabling partners to carry out a gradual upscale of products

    • High competitiveness and unique functional scope of the individual solutions

  • Advantages of a partnership with ectacom

    • Acquisition of end customer addresses for marketing campaigns

    • Cross-selling training and workshops (sales, as well as technical)

    • Technical and sales training (online, on-site) for partners

    • Exploitation of end-customer potential in the partner's region

    • Co-branded elevator pitches, campaign-related postcard content and individual marketing materials

    • Online marketing through the creation of microsites

    • Customised newsletters and content for partners

  • Technology partnerships

    • Flowmon
    • Greycortex
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    • Czech Republic:

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence, Lagardere Travel Retail

    • Slovak Republic:

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    • Poland:

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