We protect the identities of your companies as well as the identities of your employees and customers

About Okta:

Okta is the independent leading provider of identity protection for businesses. With the Okta Identity Cloud, companies can securely and reliably connect the right employees with the right technologies at the right time. With over 6,000 pre-built integrations for application and infrastructure providers, Okta customers can easily and securely deploy the best technologies for their business. Over 6,100 companies, including Bertelsmann, Hannover Re, KWS Saat, Adobe, Zurich Insurance, Hertz and Groupon, rely on Okta to protect the identity of their employees and customers.

Product & Function Overview

We support companies in both areas:

Workforce Identity:

Protect and provide employees, contractors and
partner with the necessary access rights.

Customer Identity:

Create a secure and smooth Access management
for your customers.

  • Single Sign-On
  • Universal Directory
  • Adaptive MFA
  • API Access Management
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Advanced Server Access
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Adaptive MFA
  • User Management
  • Lifecycle Management
  • B2B Integration

Core functions:


Modernise your IT - for more flexibility and efficiency

icons 0006 effizienzReduce your costs and increase your efficiency
Less time in maintenance mode due to automatic updates and a simple administration interface

icons 0005 flexibilitaetIncrease your IT flexibility
Wide range of applications with accelerated deployment and integration time

icons 0004 vorteileAchieve more advantages for your company
Save your customers time through web and mobile applications


Alleinstellungsmerkmale head


Modern Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is the basis for extensive customer satisfaction with digitization

icons 0003 prozesseSmooth development processes
Excite your customers with flexible, integrated login and registration

icons 0002 marktFast market entry
Extend any app in under 15 minutes with modern identity management

icons 0001 verwaltungCentral management
One central place to manage all the identities of your customers

icons 0000 loesungSolving problems that occur with Internet applications
Secure, legally compliant infrastructure with real-time visibility and feedback

Impact of the technology


Protection against Data Breaches

  • Centralize Identity: Reduce password management risk with secure access control with Single Sign On
  • Enable Strong Authentication: Protect your data with a variety of multi-factor authentication methods
  • Reduce Attack Surface: Eliminate blind spots by knowing exactly who can access what with lifecycle management
  • Enable Visibility and Response: Centralize data across security systems to provide visibility into seemingly unrelated operations

Security and Reliability - We take a comprehensive approach to security!

  • Secure personnel: Our security team conducts progressive social engineering tests and awareness campaigns to fend off phishing attacks and integrate security into the corporate culture. We actively reduce the vulnerability by limiting the number of employees with access to production
  • Secure development lifecycle: We practice security as a standard procedure by using proven security methods for each step of our development lifecycle
  • Secure customer data: We use state-of-the-art encryption management to secure customer data. With our next generation cell technology, all Okta customer data is encrypted at the data field level

Find out more in the video:

  • Application Scenarios

    • Okta for Healthcare: HIPAA compliant cloud identity solutions
    • Okta for Government: FedRAMP-authorized cloud identity for federal, state and local government agencies
    • Okta for Education: Less on-prem IAM means more resources for your other tasks. Cloud identity for students, lecturers, staff and alumni
    • Okta for Energy + Natural Resources: Always On Identity solution for critical infrastructures
    • Okta for Financial Services: Banks, insurance companies, consulting firms and stock exchanges rely on Okta for identity protection
    • Okta for Technology Companies: Attack-proof identity for your employees and products
    • Okta for Travel + Hospitality: Use Okta to protect your end-customer loyalty account from identity theft and fraud, while ensuring that everything runs smoothly
    • Okta for Good: Hundreds of nonprofit organizations rely on Okta every day to make their IT departments more efficient and increase their impact, make them available to employees and reduce the burden on IT
  • Benefits of a partnership with Okta

    • 20 years experience in the field of workforce and customer identity
    • Cooperation with the leading and independent provider in the field of Identity and Access Management
    • Exploitation of cross-selling potential with existing customers
  • Benefits of a partnership with ectacom

    • Implementation of technical and sales webinars for end customers (online/on site)
    • Dedicated contact person for all Okta related issues
    • Sales support for quotations, project registrations
    • Technical support for appointments on site or remote
    • Extensive expertise on marketing campaigns (address procurement, roundtables, etc.)
    • Comprehensive technical Okta services like, installation, configuration & main
  • Gartner

    Gartner recently named Okta a leader in the „Magic Quadrant for Access Management, August 2019“ for the third consecutive year.

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