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Vade Secure offers solutions that protect users from complex email attacks such as SpearPhishing, Phishing, Malware and Ransomware, etc.

The language-independent filter analyzes worldwide all incoming e-mails (links, attached files, contents, etc.) in order to detect threats such as zero-day attacks and targeted attacks. The Graymail management classifies and prioritizes e-mails. Advertising, social network notifications and newsletters are automatically sent to the Graymail folder and can be removed forever with the "Safe Unsubscribe" button. Users now have a tidy inbox for greater productivity.

About Vade Secure

Vade Secure is a French company with 13 years of experience in email security.
The solution is designed to defend against email scams such as phishing and spear phishing, malware and ransomware. As a global company, with offices in San Francisco, Vancouver, Montreal, Lille, Hong-Kong and Tokyo, Vade Secure protects more than 400 million mailboxes and more than 4000 customers worldwide. Our solutions are tailored to handle large volumes of email to support ISPs, OEMs, hosting companies and enterprises.

Impact of the technology on security, compliance, TCO & optimization of resources

Security Improvement:
  • Business and user security: 99.999% detection rate even before zero-day attacks
  • Confidentiality: Complete local analysis


  • easy to install, configure, operate and maintain
  • E-mail server task load reduction
  • Increase user effectiveness and productivity by categorizing email (primary inbox, Graymail inbox, social network email and anti-spam)
  • Scalability of the solution

Product & Function Overview

Each solution contains the same high level of filtering capabilities thanks to our Predictive Email Defense approach:

Predictive Email Defense

  • Inbound and outbound email filtering
  • Complex control based on transport, content and behavior analysis
  • Email threat detection including zero hour malware and cryptolocker
  • Unique antiphishing protection based on time-of-click URL exploration
  • Anti-Spearphishing - Multiple Spoofing Attempt Detection and Identity Match Mechanism
  • E-mails are classified according to priorities such as ads, Newsletters, Social Network notifications
  • Safe Unsubscription from all newsletters and commercial communications with 1-Click
  • Integrated multilingual quarantine


  • Protects immediately (after installation), even against unknown and polymorphic attacks
  • Anti-Phishing exploration engine protects users at the moment they click on a file or link (Time of Click URL exploration)
  • 99% detection rate for phishing emails
  • Anti-spearphishing with multiple Spoofing Detection and Identity Match-TechnologyOne
  • Identify and neutralize zero-day malware and new ransomware variants
  • Click "Safe Unsubscription"
  • Complete local analysis that takes into account the privacy of users and data

Additional functions

VadeSecure Zusatzfunktionen
  • Application scenarios

    • Protects against security incidents caused by incoming e-mails
    • Prevention of ransomware
    • Recognize the identity of the sender
    • Complements the Office 365 security packages to a complete e-mail security solution
    • E-mail categorization (Primary inbox, Graymail inbox, Social Media mails and Anti Spam)
  • Benefits of a partnership with Vade Secure

    • Strong growth potential
    • Good cross-selling potential with existing customers who use Office 365, G-Suite, Endpoint Security Solutions, UTMs and Firewalls
    • Additional income through Professional Service
    • Repetitive licensing income from Renewal Business
    • Attractive margin policy: from 25% to 35%
    • Transparent 3-tiered partner program
    • Online and on-site training
    • Marketing materials and web content in German
  • Benefits of a partnership with Vade Secure

    • Training centre (Sales/Technical)
    • Implementation of technical & sales webinars for end customers (online/on site)
    • GRC-Enablement Competence Center with several consultants
    • High reputation of the ectacom team at Vade Secure
    • Personal sales contact
    • Sales support for quotations, project registrations
    • Technical support for on-site appointments
    • Multilingual technical support
    • Extensive support for marketing campaigns
    • Comprehensive technical services, installation, configuration & policy creation


  • ISP: Vodafone De, Orange UK/FR/ES, Telenet (Belgium), IIJ (Japan)
  • Webhoster: OVH, Hostpoint, Infomaniak, Home.pl, Intermedia
  • 4500 SMBs: Max Planck Digital Library, XL Airways, STX, Norauto
  • OEM: Cisco, Mimecast, Stormshield, Cybonet, Dr Web

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