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ZeroFox - External Threat Intelligence and Protection for the Assets You Own on the Networks You Don’t

ZeroFox combats threats against brands, people, assets and data across the public attack surface in one comprehensive platform. 

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Visibility. Analysis. Disruption.

With a global data collection engine, artificial intelligence-based analysis and automated remediation, the ZeroFox Digital Risk Protection Platform protects your customer’s critical digital assets and data from digital threats at the scale and speed of the internet.

Product & Function Overview

Advanced AI-Powered Protection Platform - Spot External Threats in Real-Time

Gain extreme visibility to the entire public attack surface and identify text, image and video-based threats. Monitor critical digital assets across the surface, deep and dark web, social media, mobile app stores, marketplaces and more to identity attacks including phishing, fraud, account takeover and data leakage at scale.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Services - Gain Situational Awareness and Threat Expertise

Limit the time and resources spent analysing and addressing threats by the security team. ZeroFox’s team of 150+ threat analysts speak over 27 languages and conduct analysis, research and vulnerability assessment at a global and individual scale. Benefit from years of expertise to understand the global threat landscape and targeted threats facing your enterprise.

Adversary Disruption - Dismantle Attacker Infrastructure

Reduce time to action on critical threats, including removing fraudulent accounts, websites and posts, and dismantling attacker infrastructure to thwart future attacks. ZeroFox’s disruption and takedown services and strong public platform partnerships enable us to quickly thwart threats and dissuade future attacks.


ZeroFox is licenced as an annual subscription with packages priced based on:

  • Who/What are we protecting (Volume of “Entities”, such as brands, domains, executives/VIPs, locations, and security systems)

  • Where is ZeroFox monitoring across the public attack surface (incuding number of networks and data sources)

  • How to Action, including the number of disruptive actions and takedowns

Impact of vendor’s technology

on Security & Compliance

ZeroFox can assist with customers’ security or compliance requirements by minimizing and rapidly responding to external exposure of the organization, customers, employees, or constituents and risk outside of the traditional security perimeter.

Benefits of a partnership with ZeroFox

ZeroFox is partner first.

And we mean it. Global demand for digital risk protection and threat intelligence is expanding rapidly. Our network of leading security providers and consultants is helping make the world a safer place and we're investing the full force of our sales, marketing and technical teams to ensure that they have the resources to make that happen. ZeroFox is committed to conducting all new business with and through our partners.

Benefits of a partnership with ectacom

  • Personal contact person for all ZeroFox matters
  • Sales support for quotes & project registrations
  • Technical support for on-site or remote
  • Extensive marketing campaign expertise (address acquisition, roundtables, etc.)

Vendor Support

  • All ZeroFox customers have access to ZeroFox OnWatch Managed Services and  a 24x7x365 Global Customer and Security Operations Center that handles alert triage, validation, routing, & escalation.

  • Customers receive alerts for their specific external threats, graded by severity/risk level and intelligence reports from the ZeroFox.


ZeroFox has already received numerous awards, including:

  • Red Herring Top 100 North America
  • SINET16 Champion
  • Dark Reading's Top Security Startups to Watch
  • Best of Black Hat
  • Security Tech Trailblazer of the Year

Technology Partners

The ZeroFox App Library includes access to 700+ technology integrations, data sources, SSO and disruption applications to elevate your security program and seamlessly integrate IOCs and intelligence feeds across the tools you rely on. More informaition here.

  • Partners include:
    • IBM
    • Splunk
    • Anomali
    • D3 Security

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