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Nozomi Networks and Garland Technology I Unlock Visibility and Security Across OT, IoT, and IT Teams

12/12/2023 16:30 - 17:00
Nozomi Networks and Garland Technology

As industrial environments come online and expand the attack surface for cyber threats beyond traditional IT assets, CISOs are expected to manage and secure networks that span the entire organization. This requires operational visibility to include the wide variety of OT/IoT and IT devices on an organization’s networks.  

Join us to learn how Nozomi Networks and Garland Technology can:  

  • Enable complete visibility, control, and cyber resilience across your distributed network
  • Protect your operation from threats and anomalies  
  • Reduce the potential for disruption to production lines across the largest critical infrastructures  

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Sandeep Lota

Field CTO, Nozomi Networks

With over two decades of progressive experience designing and architecting system breakthroughs, Sandeep is a Network Security Expert proven in supporting national and global projects for the world’s largest companies. Sandeep has a long record of success innovating complex, large enterprise solutions for network and security infrastructures. He is known as an industry thought leader and sought after across North America and internationally. Having spent the first decade of his career working on the operations and project teams for global energy super-giants; Sandeep gained a powerful knowledge base of IT and OT principals which have been the foundation of his success.

Chris Bihary

CEO & Co-Founder of Garland Technology

Chris Bihary, CEO and Co-Founder of Garland Technology, a USA-based manufacturer of Network TAPs, Network Packet Brokers, Hardware Data Diodes, and Inline Bypass solutions, has worked in the IT and OT cybersecurity industry for over 3 decades. As an entrepreneur, Bihary has established collaborative partnerships with technology companies to ensure reliable network performance and security for customers in all verticals. Bihary believes strongly that the key element of a successful network design is full packet-level visibility. Bihary started his career owning an IT reseller that built out 9-1-1 call center network infrastructure, which instilled an ambition to help ensure any and all networks never fail. Bihary describes himself as a “whiteboard engineer” because he enjoys solving IT and OT challenges through design sessions with other cyber professionals.