How Analysts can use the OODA Loop to Strengthen their Skillsets

threatquotient logo 400x160For many years, cybersecurity professionals have talked about the OODA loop. Devised by Colonel John Boyd, it describes a decision-making cycle that fighter pilots apply in dog fights, and when mastered, allows them to outwit adversaries. The acronym stands for Observe, Orient, Decide and Act, and if you can go through this decision cycle faster than your adversary, you can defeat them.


Watch out for Tailgating

onelogin 400x120 colorNo, we are not warning you against hanging out with friends and family in the parking lot outside of a game. What we are warning you about is a form of social engineering attack called “tailgating” or “piggybacking.”


FontPack: A dangerous update

Group IB Logo 400x120 Attribution is our main focus here at Group-IB Threat Intelligence & Attribution, and it becomes harder every year. The number of unique malicious programs is decreasing while affiliate programs (collaborations between threat actors) are on the rise, with the number and quality of attacks both going up.


BEC. How Can I Help You?

cofense logoBusiness Email Compromise (BEC), or in some regions referred to as CEO fraud, is a simple email that is asking for an action. No link to click. No attachment to open. Just a simple request – can you respond. We typically refer to these as conversational. The threat actor is reaching out with a simple inquiry hoping you’ll respond. By keeping the initial message vague, this tactic allows the message to land in the inbox of your users.


Will liability waivers help when clients won’t pay for cybersecurity?

Acronis color 400x120IT sales is a straightforward proposition. You build a portfolio or pitch a specific set of solutions to address a prospective client’s specific needs and negotiate to close the deal. You spend time and make adjustments – and it still may not result in a sale – but that dance has not changed much in the past couple of decades.


Importance of Diversity In and Outside the IAM Space

onelogin 400x120 colorWho are you? What makes you who you are? Do you belong where you are? Does the person nearest you? How do you know? How would you prove your identity? What do you do when your identity is challenged? These are questions we encounter in the identity and access management (IAM) space. 


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