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Our Vision

""Trusted IT-Advisor for the sustainable establishment of CyberSecurity technologies as part of the value chain!"

Herbert Eichinger & Tomé Spasov

Managing Partner

Development Distributor

ectacom is a business development distributor for complex cyber and OT/IoT security technologies and corresponding technology services. We see ourselves as a business developer for visionary technologies on the one hand, and as a sourcing expert and technology enabler for our partners on the other. We offer them access to the latest market and technology developments at all times and support them in opening up new markets and high-margin business areas. Recognized IT experts, integrators and consulting firms have been relying on our expertise for market-leading technologies and services for years. More complex technical expertise, product evaluations, installation, configuration and implementation services as well as support services complete our business development profile.


Focus on growth markets

The Central and Eastern European markets are among the fastest growing markets in Europe and offer vendors very good sales opportunities. In addition, the Eastern European markets in particular, act as so-called "early adopters", which can reduce sales cycles by several quarters, especially for new innovative technologies.

Value-based business development

Value-oriented business development will not only focus on sales and profit but will also contribute to a controlled increase in corporate value. This is be based on an understanding of market needs, technical expertise, an eco-system of partners and end customers, and multinational sales and technical teams.

Value proposition

ectacom's value preposition aims to be a complementary part of the value chain for certain technologies and technology services for value-added partners.

ectacom team

Recognizing and promoting the individual strengths of each person

Every company is like a living organism and the efficient interaction within the organism makes it viable and successful. ectacom GmbH has very good and capable employees who can rely on each other 100%, despite of different professional backgrounds. Overall, ectacom Team is a very good-rehearsed team. Therefore, our employee structure is a sensible mix of experienced IT experts with a proven track record and project experience, as well as highly motivated and performance-oriented individuals.

"Bad employees are always the result of bad managers!"

This is the motto of the ectacom management. At ectacom GmbH, every employee has every opportunity to pursue a career and thereby climb to higher positions. ectacom GmbH has set itself the task of promoting proactive and performance-oriented employees to fill management positions in the future.

Added Value from ectacom

Added value for Vendors

Successful market and channel development by generating project pipelines

Added Value for Resellers

Corporate success through new sales horizons.