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Ectacom GmbH is an independent business development distributor of complex IT solutions and specialized services.Our mission is to support resellers in their overall generic growth with the help of technologically leading manufacturers. In doing so, we implement significant optimizations by generating sales with existing and new customers and stimulate the sale of services provided by our partners.

We see ourselves as business developers for visionary technologies on the one hand, and as sourcing experts and technology enablers for our partners on the other.
We offer access to relevant market and technology developments at any time and support our partners in entering new markets and achieving high-margin business potential.

Recognized IT experts, integrators and consulting firms have trusted our expertise in technology and services for years. Complex technical expertise, product evaluations, installation, configuration, setup and support services complete our business development profile.


Upcoming Webinars, Workshops, Events & more

Date: 25 July 2024, 10:57
The need for rapid and reliable production of customized products is paramount in today’s dynamic manufacturing landscape. Achieving this requires smart production systems that communicate within

Date: 25 July 2024, 17:00
As modern threat actors evolve with alarming speed, the demand for an integrated suite of security solutions becomes more critical. Join us for an insightful webinar where

Date: 06 August 2024, 10:00
Osamah Al-Fardan Regional Sales Engineer, Nozomi Networks

Date: 13 August 2024, 10:59
Chris Hickman, Chief Security Officer

Messezentrum 1 · 90471 Nuremberg
Date: 22 October 2024, 09:00
Europe's largest IT security trade fair: it-sa in Nuremberg.

ectacom News

ectacom Partners with CounterCraft | a leader in deception technology

Munich, May 11, 2023 — CounterCraft has signed with ectacom, one of the most experienced partners across DACH and Eastern Europe for sourcing, distributing, and enabling visionary technologies. CounterCraft’s premier product The Platform™ detects threats early, collects personalized, actionable i...

Vendor News

A Guide to an Effective Dark Web Scan: Tools and Techniques

In today's digital age, no organization or individual is safe from malicious activities on the dark web. And as cybercriminals continue to find new ways of exploiting unprotected systems, organizations must take proactive steps to ensure their sensitive information and operations are not compromi...

Quantifying the Probability of Flaws in Open Source

Jay Jacobs and I recently delivered an RSA presentation called Quantifying the Probability of Flaws in Open Source. Since many people didn’t get a chance to see it, I thought I’d summarize some of the findings here for posterity. The question we investigated was simple, at least conceptuall...

Keyfactor Command 12 Brings New Workflows, Enhances Ease-of-Use, and More

With great power comes great responsibility. Customers love using Keyfactor Command to automate certificate management, saving them countless hours (and headaches) in the process. The feedback from our customers is loud and clear though – they love Keyfactor Command but want even more autom...

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