Our vision

"Leading advisory partner for establishing Cyber Security, GRC enablement and IT services as a component of the value chain!"

Herbert Eichinger & Tomé Spasov

Managing Partners



We see ourselves as business developers for visionary technologies on the one hand, and as sourcing experts and technology enablers for our partners on the other.

We offer access to relevant market and technology developments at any time and support our partners in entering new markets and achieving high-margin business potential.

Recognized IT experts, integrators and consulting firms have trusted our expertise in technology and services for years. Complex technical expertise, product evaluations, installation, configuration, setup and support services complete our business development profile.


Focus on growth markets

The Central and Eastern European markets are among the fastest growing markets in Europe and offer manufacturers very good sales opportunities. In addition, the Eastern European markets in particular, act as so-called "early adopters", which can reduce sales cycles by several quarters, especially for new innovative technologies.

Value-based business development

Value-oriented business development will not only focus on sales and profit but will also contribute to a controlled increase in corporate value. This is be based on an understanding of market needs, technical expertise, an eco-system of partners and end customers, and multinational sales and technical teams.

Value proposition

ectacom's value preposition aims to be a complementary part of the value chain for certain technologies and technology services for value-added partners.

Our Milestones

Steady growth towards a European Business Development Distribution

ectacom GmbH was founded in 1999 by the Eichinger brothers in Hohenbrunn near Munich. One of the first vendors was the anti-virus specialist Kaspersky Lab, which at that time was still treated as an „exotic“ company. Kaspersky Lab was somehow different and has retained this "being different" in a positive way until today. The solution portfolio has been consistently expanded and now consists over twenty vendors.



Wiring in Munich by the Eichinger Brothers

2003 / 2004


of network components


Security VAD

First vendor: Kaspersky Lab


Project business

complex technologies


ectacom AT

Foundation of Branch office in Vienna


Expansion EAST

Competence Center: Poland

The ectacom Logo

ectacom Logo

The black square - ENTITY - means individual, person, organization or company. Ectacom does everything possible to support entities in overcoming challenges in the IT environment. The other squares, each stand for: Compliance, Technology and Application.

  • Compliance

    refers to the compliance with internal and external laws, guidelines and regulations. When selecting manufacturers, Ectacom wants to make sure that customers can achieve compliance with their solutions.

  • Technology

    for ectacom means leading, award-winning and, above all, mature technology with which companies can optimize IT processes and resources and, at the same time, sustainably reduce their costs.

  • Application

    refers to the trouble-free and secure use of IT solutions through the reasonable use of relevant products.

ectacom team

Recognizing and promoting the individual strengths of each person

Every company is like a living organism and the efficient interaction within the organism makes it viable and successful. ectacom GmbH has very good and capable employees who can rely on each other 100%, despite of different professional backgrounds. Overall, ectacom Team is a very good-rehearsed team. Therefore, our employee structure is a sensible mix of experienced IT experts with a proven track record and project experience, as well as highly motivated and performance-oriented individuals.

"Bad employees are always the result of bad managers!"

This is the motto of the ectacom management. At ectacom GmbH, every employee has every opportunity to pursue a career and thereby climb to higher positions. ectacom GmbH has set itself the task of promoting proactive and performance-oriented employees to fill management positions in the future.

ectacom international

Maintaining compliance, reducing total costs, optimizing IT resources, streamlining IT processes and increasing the level of IT security are among the challenges that national and international companies are facing in the global competition. ectacom's solution and service portfolio is the value proposition to partners with which the above challenges can be met.

Added Value for Vendors and Partners of ectacom

Added value for Vendors

Successful market and channel development by generating project pipelines

Added Value for Resellers

Corporate success through new sales horizons.

Ectacom HQ Munich

ectacom GmbH
+49 8102 8952-0
Friedrich-Bergius-Str. 12
D-85662 Hohenbrunn


ectacom Salesoffice
+43 664 42 20 555
Am Europlatz 2
A-1120 Wien


ectacom Salesoffice
+48 501 295 580
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