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Cofense -
Don't settle for
"good enough" email security

Effective email security starts with Cofense.
Powered by the world's largest global network of 35M+ human reporters, we see and stop threats that others miss.



If a phishing attack bypasses your existing defence measures, your employees must be able to detect the attack.


When employees are able to report attacks, you can respond to acute threats much faster.


With Cofense, you can collect and analyse data on real phishing threats much faster and thus fight them off more quickly.


Cofense provides human-verified analysis of phishing and ransomware attacks and the malware they contain.

Phishing is the number 1. attack method

In 90 % of all worldwide cyber-attacks, the attackers have gained access primarily through phishing. The majority of large-scale privacy breaches are the result of a single successful phishing attack. Since it usually takes more than 200 days to detect a breach, international companies need to focus on preventing and avoiding these highly successful attacks in order to stop them.

Human defence against phishing attacks

Even though companies invest record amounts in preventing security breaches, the number of data breaches caused by phishing continues to rise.

It is clear that technology alone cannot solve the problem. That's why Cofense solutions focus on the human element as your last line of defense after a phishing attack has bypassed your installed technologies to better prevent and stop phishing attacks.

Cofense provides a comprehensive platform for human defense against phishing attacks based on raising employee awareness and enabling teams to quickly analyze and respond to targeted phishing attacks.

How it works:

Turning employees into informers

The powerful combination of Cofense PhishMe™ and Cofense Reporter™ encourages employees to resist phishing attempts and report potentially malicious phishing attacks in real time. This makes them an important part of your line of defence.

Quick incident reaction

Cofense Triage™ and Cofense Intelligence™ strengthen your company's ability to quickly detect and respond to acute phishing attacks. Now that all employees report malicious email, SOC and IR teams must collect, prioritize, analyse, and respond efficiently to keep up with the volume of reported threats.

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