Vendor Portfolio

On this and the following pages we have listed our vendors and present their solutions.

Whether for Digital Forensics, Collection & Analysis or Risk & Compliance - AccessData offers industry-leading solutions and puts the "Power of Forensics" in your hands!
Acronis offers best-in-class, new-generation data protection and disaster recovery solutions for virtual, physical, mobile and cloud environments.
Blue Shield is Europe's leader in real-time blocking of deceptive DNS names, preventing damage from occurring by not allowing the user onto the Internet in the first place.
Cobalt's Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) platform, combined with an exclusive tester community, delivers the real-time insights you need to quickly eliminate risk and innovate with confidence.
Cofense, formerly PhishMe, provides a collaboration-based cybersecurity approach to address active email threats across the enterprise.
Colasoft, founded in 2001, has dedicated itself to the development of NPMD (network performance monitoring and diagnostics) software and hardware solutions. Colasoft has grown to be a key player in NPMD industry with a large customer base in more than 110 countries and regions across the world.
DriveLock's goal is to reliably protect corporate data, devices and systems. To achieve this, we rely on the latest technologies, experienced security experts and solutions based on the zero-trust model.
HYPR is the leading provider of passwordless multi-factor authentication solutions. With its patented smartphone-initiated True-Passwordless MFA solution, HYPR simplifies the login process while preventing attacks that result from weak and stolen passwords.
We focus on the attacker, not the attack. Illusive's simple, agile approach stops cyber attackers before they stop you.
Mandiant is recognized by businesses, governments and law enforcement agencies around the world as a leader in threat intelligence and cybersecurity expertise.
Novicom, s.r.o. is a Czech vendor of tools for network management, monitoring and security. They have been operating on the IT market since 1994 and focus on medium and large customers who require a high level of security and operational reliability of their networks.
Nozomi Networks accelerates digital transformation by protecting the world's critical infrastructure, industrial and government organizations from cyber threats.
With the OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform, customers can connect all their applications, identify potential threats and act quickly. OneLogin's core capabilities include user lifecycle management and provisioning, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.
RadarServices is the only European provider of Managed Detection & Response that provides its services based on proprietary technology.
RangeForce is a simple, virtual training platform for creating basic cyber security knowledge. In addition to theoretical content, participants go through various practical exercises to apply what they have learned.
ThreatQuotient's mission is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations through a threat-centric platform.
Sicherheitsbedrohungen sind dynamischer und raffinierter als je zuvor, und statische und isolierte Lösungen reichen einfach nicht aus, um Unternehmen zu schützen. Deshalb hat Trellix eine neue Art von Resilienz entwickelt.
Vade offers solutions that protect users from complex email attacks such as SpearPhishing, Phishing, Malware and Ransomware.
VMRay has a clear mission: to help organizations protect themselves against the growing global malware threat.
WinMagic is one of the most renowned companies in the field of data encryption and encrypts over 8 million end devices in 90 countries.
ZeroFox combats threats against brands, people, assets and data across the public attack surface in a comprehensive platform.

Become a Partner

Added value for business partners and quality at work, combined with a continuous improvement process, characterise the company. Strict compliance with these factors is what makes each company unique and successful in its own way. Active partners appreciate the added value of ectacom GmbH in the areas of partner support, product portfolio, training, professional services, business development, business projects and marketing.

Benefits for the Vendors

  • Entering new markets/segments

  • Development of sales channels

  • Transfer of vendor ‘s know-how

  • Creation of project pipeline

  • Branch office in Germany for better external perception

Successful market and channel development through generation of project pipelines

Benefits for the Partners

  • Partner support

  • Solution portfolio

  • Training Center

  • Professional services

  • Business Development
  • Business Projects

  • Marketing

Corporate success through new sales horizons

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