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CounterCraft - puts you one step ahead of threats, so you can make real-time decisions that protect your organization

About CounterCraft

CounterCraft is a software company that goes beyond detection and response to provide proactive cybersecurity solutions and detect attacks faster for the world’s leading organizations. Their premier product, CounterCraft The Platform™, consistently stops red teams, spear phishing, ransomware attacks and insider threats. This distributed deception platform is a global leader in active defense, with tooling that provides real-time intelligence and the capability to manipulate adversary behavior. Their technology stops attackers in pre-breach recon phases, integrates contextualized threat intel with incident response workflows, and saves money and time by helping security teams prioritize their actions. CounterCraft The Platform is used successfully around the globe by Fortune 500 companies and government organizations, including the US Department of Defense.

Product & Function Overview

The PlatformTM is the best-in-breed deception platform, providing active defense and custom intel far beyond traditional detection solutions.

  • Most flexible deployment model of any deception vendor on-prem, cloud, hybrid or air-gapped deployments able to deploy an advanced cyber deception solution in 5 days.
  • Alleviates modern SOC team alert fatigue and triage by sending only high-fidelity alerts. The alerts mean there is verified malicious activity on your attack surface, and you get them in around 20 seconds.
  • 70% of TTPs registered by MITRE are related to defense evasion and memory attacks that bypass EDR / XDR / SIEM. CounterCraft’s DeepSense AgentTM detects 100% of adversary TTPs. Their stealth agent has never been spotted by any attacker and is a must-have extension to EDR, XDR, SIEM and SOAR allowing for proactive threat hunting.
  • The Platform is cloud first and allows for multiple use cases to remediate the most common initial attack vectors.

Unique selling points

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Environment Agnostic:

CounterCraft’s highly automated advanced cyber deception platform allows organizations to create complex digital twins deployed on prem, in the cloud or hybrid, tailored to any organization, in a matter of hours.

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We Detect All Red Teams:

The platform’s sophisticated detection and response capabilities identify every red team, every time, including: NATO exercises, corporate audits, lateral movements, crown jewel systems and pen tests.

Detection in Seconds vs. Days:

It takes their platform 20 seconds to detect high-level threats and alert security teams for immediate analysis and remediation. With traditional detection and response tools - the average threat detection time is 3-4 days.

Rich Telemetry:

The intelligence CounterCraft provides from your external attack surface, internal networks, endpoints and cloud environments is mapped to NIST and MITRE ATT&CK, allowing you to effectively remediate vulnerabilities in your production security infrastructure.

Augments Your Security Stack:

The platform can be integrated with existing EDR/SIEM/XDR systems to create a more comprehensive inventory and increase visibility inside and outside the perimeter.

Use Cases

  • APT group investigation
  • Real time situational awareness
  • Adversary misinformation
  • External attack surface management <- Click for Case Study
  • Lateral movement  <- Click for Case Study
  • Insider threats  <- Click for Case Study
  • Red team detection
  • Legacy systems protection
  • Industrial control system/OT system protection
  • Defense evasion and memory attacks

Technical Support Packages

Initial setup and deployment

  • Architecture & design meetings
  • Infrastructure deployment
  • Use case deployment (per 10 Host pack)

Ongoing monitoring and support

  • Monthly services


What is licensed?

  • The Platform: cloud and on-prem is licensed per host starting with a pack of 10 hosts.
  • The Edge: is licensed per campaign and all are on a subscription license schedule.

5 reasons why you should work with CounterCraft:

1. Unique Deception Platform:

CounterCraft offers a state-of-the-art deception platform based on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioral analytics. CounterCraft's innovative technology enables partners to offer their customers an effective and reliable solution to combat cyberattacks.

2. Earlier detection of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs):

CounterCraft helps identify APTs hiding in the network and causing long-term damage. By simulating realistic attack scenarios, APTs can be detected early and appropriate countermeasures can be taken.

3. Market leader in Deception:

CounterCraft is a recognized leader in the field of deception technology. CounterCraft detects any Red Team, even in NATO exercises, audits, lateral movements and pentests.

4. Differentiation from market competitors: 

While widespread deception solutions focus on behavioral analysis and machine learning, CounterCraft focuses on attack simulation and comprehensive analysis.

5. Am I ready for Deception?: 

By working with CounterCraft, channel partners are adding innovative deception technology to their solution portfolio. This enables them to offer their customers an additional layer of protection against advanced cyber threats.


  • Red Electrica
  • NATO
  • armasuisse
  • Leading European banks, critical infrastructure companies, leading global retail companies, telecom and manufacturing
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Governments, including the US Department of Defense


  • CounterCraft named one of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2023 by Fast Company
  • #2 on Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Security Companies of 2023
  • CounterCraft Selected to Participate in First AWS Defence Accelerator for Start-ups
  • Gartner Cool Vendor 2021


  • ISO 27001

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