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Marketing Services

ectacom GmbH acts as a bridge between vendors and partners and offers comprehensive support in all marketing matters, from the development of targeted marketing strategies to the implementation of effective campaigns, we support our partners with expertise and resources to strengthen their market position and maximize their success in the IT sector.

Channel Marketing


Channel recruitment/motivation

Endkunden Marketing


Generation of end customer projects, vendor MDF absolutely mandatory!


Financial activity sponsoring

Acquisition of addresses

Revenue, employees, industry

External channel awareness

Banner, Newsletter, PR

Acquisition of special addresses

Vendors, competitive products


Roadshow, Webinar, Workshop

End customer events

Branchenevents, Round Tables, etc.

Internal Mailings & Newsletter

Vendor introductions, invitations

Lead-Generation & Distribution

Online-Webinars, TeleSales, Whitepaper


Internal recruitment competitions

Providing content

Brochures, invitations, mailings

Channel Success & Vendor Revenue

In addition to a benefit-creating technology, vendor investments in lead generation campaigns are another important precondition for channel success

No marketing investment

  • Vendor remains unknown!
  • Vendor will fail in market development!
  • Cooperation ends after 12 to 18 months!

Marketing investment

  • Brand awareness & Vendor acceptance is established!
  • Lead generation increases motivation in the channel
  • Creation of own pipeline is promoted!