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Benefits for the Partners


Added value for business partners and quality at work, combined with a continuous improvement process, characterise the company. Strict compliance with these factors is what makes each company unique and successful in its own way. Active partners appreciate the added value of ectacom GmbH in the areas of partner support, product portfolio, training, professional services, business development, business projects and marketing.

ectacom Added value

Partner support

  • Partners benefit from a dedicated account manager, who coordinates inquiries or requests with internal specialists from product management, marketing, and technical departments.
  • Due to short decision-making processes, important decisions can be made very quickly.
  • Partners also have access to specialized knowledge in the areas of business performance, corporate compliance, corporate security, and security-as-a-service.

Solution portfolio

  • Holistic and non-overlapping distribution portfolio
  • Aspiration: award-winning "state-of-the-art" technology
  • Vendor selection should help partners to generate a very good "margin" and it is relatively safe!
  • Vendor/distribution strategy should enable partners to offer professional services as part of an integrated solution.

Training Center

  • Vendor certification training for partners at the subsidiaries, online or on site upon request
  • Vendor sales training for partners at the subsidiaries, online or on site upon request
  • Individual Sales and Technical training courses to prepare new employees for their duties

Professional Services

  • Technical support for partners
  • Installation, configuration & setup remotely or directly on customer site
  • Support in all pre-sales & post sales phases, also on site
  • Providing IT specialists in the case of resource shortages
  • Providing support during end customer appointments (only if requested by the partner!)

Business Development

  • External sales support for new customer acquisition, event recruitment, post-qualification of leads, renewal management, etc.
  • Advice on the organic growth of the partner, e.g. entry into the "commodity-free" solutions business to acquire new customers
  • Joint development of individual customer loyalty & development strategies for the partner
  • Support in obtaining addresses, e.g. end customer profile database with details of contact persons, IT infrastructure details, etc.
  • Support in the development of cross-selling strategies of the partner

Business Projects

  • Support when entering into project-based business that requires intensive consulting
  • Development of project-based business competencies in sales, technical services
  • Training of sales staff according to the latest sales methods


  • Joint development of manufacturer-related marketing strategies
  • Mailing campaign support
  • Implementation of telemarketing campaigns with focus on appointment/webcast
  • Organizational support for events and workshops
  • Trade Show Participation Support