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ectacom Partners with CounterCraft | a leader in deception technology

Munich, May 11, 2023 — CounterCraft has signed with ectacom, one of the most experienced partners across DACH and Eastern Europe for sourcing, distributing, and enabling visionary technologies. CounterCraft’s premier product The Platform™ detects threats early, collects personalized, actionable intelligence, and enables organizations to defend their valuable data in real time, making them the perfect partner for Deception.

“CounterCraft is proud to join forces with ectacom because of the value they bring to the table thanks to their experienced and motivated team,” said Christian Stanford, VP of Global Channels at CounterCraft. “They offer access to relevant market and technology developments and do a fantastic job supporting their partners in entering new markets and achieving high-margin business potential.”

ectacom is a trusted IT advisor and part of the value chain for the sustainable establishment of cybersecurity technologies. CounterCraft currently serves governments and Fortune 2000 companies across the globe as the deception technology market continues to explode worldwide. The need for innovative solutions is higher than ever as cyber crime increases and businesses migrate to the cloud.

"We are pleased to have found in Countercraft a company that is a leader in deception technology and offers an innovative approach for our partners," said Philip Dettl, Senior CyberSecurity Business Development Manager at ectacom GmbH. "By working together, we can offer innovative and reliable cyber security solutions that meet even the most demanding requirements.”

The cooperation between ectacom GmbH and Countercraft allows partners to access the long-standing expertise of both companies to find the best possible deception solutions for their customers. Both companies have extensive experience in implementing cybersecurity solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

About CounterCraft

CounterCraft’s security solutions go beyond detection and response to provide proactive cybersecurity solutions and detect attacks faster for the world’s leading organizations. Our premier product, CounterCraft The Platform™, consistently stops red teams, spear phishing, ransomware attacks and insider threats. This distributed deception platform is a global leader in active defense, with tooling that provides real-time intelligence and the capability to manipulate adversary behavior. Our technology stops attackers in pre-breach recon phases, integrates contextualized threat intel with incident response workflows, and saves money and time by helping security teams prioritize their actions. Our product is used successfully around the globe by Fortune 500 companies and government organizations, including the US Department of Defense. CounterCraft is the only vendor that excels in all five essential Gartner deception technology use cases. For more information, please visit

About ectacom

We see ourselves as business developers for visionary technologies on the one hand, and as sourcing experts and technology enablers for our partners on the other. We offer access to relevant market and technology developments at any time and support our partners in entering new markets and achieving high-margin business potential. Recognized IT experts, integrators and consulting firms have trusted our expertise in technology and services for years. Complex technical expertise, product evaluations, installation, configuration, setup and support services complete our business development profile. 

Our vision is to be "the leading cooperation expert for establishing CyberSecurity, Identity Management as well as CyberSecurity services as part of the value chain! In addition to this, we want to support our partners in sustainably protecting companies of all sizes and industries from known and emerging threats, increasing the efficiency of their infrastructure and optimizing processes while maintaining compliance. For more information, please click here: