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“By 2022, 35% of large businesses in the training and simulation industry will evaluate and adopt immersive solutions, up from less than 1% in 2019.”

14 April 2020

Rangeforce Logo 400x160At first glance, this isn’t super surprising. The aviation industry has long used such simulation solutions, while, recently, the medical industry has also adopted such approaches. Doctors can now complete an intricate procedure in a simulator before cutting open a patient. I was very glad to hear about this, in fact, I look for the capability before I choose a hospital. 

But what about in our cybersecurity industry? Experiential, simulation-based training is crucial and should be widely adopted in cybersecurity, yet we have barely scratched the surface. Moreover, there’s a scarcity of company-delivered annual training programs for cybersecurity teams almost everywhere.

Who has a training program?

I recently spoke to a room of 80+ cybersecurity executives and managers and asked them, “How many folks have end-user cybersecurity awareness training programs in place?” The answer was almost 100%. Close to 80 companies have systems and programs in place to regularly train end-users to do things like be careful not to click on suspicious emails. more!