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Attention CISOs: Get Answers to Your Top Questions

10 May 2020

threatquotient logo 400x160At the helm of their security organization and often in the “hot seat”, CISOs can feel alone as they try to understand the rapidly evolving external threat landscape and focus on what truly matters. But they really aren’t alone. CISOs across organizations struggle with many of the same questions, including:

-Is my organization secure? How can I be certain?

-How equipped are we to cope with a breach?
-How can I optimize my security spending?
-Which trends should I really care about, and how can I get my organization to care as well?
-Should we pursue a best-of-breed or an integrated security architecture strategy?
In the inaugural edition of The CISO Survival Guide, Cisco has invited the security companies in the Cisco Investments portfolio to share their perspectives and insights in order to help CISOs sift through the noise. We’re proud that ThreatQuotient is among the handful of companies included, with our own Jonathan Couch addressing many of these topics. Here is some of the advice he shares: more!