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From pentesting to red teaming: Security testing solutions compared

26 July 2020

picus Logo 2019In our recent blog, What is security testing and why is it important?, we talked about how security testing is one of the single most important jobs an effective security department can do. Without it, security leaders have no way to make informed and pragmatic decisions about the areas of investment they need to prioritize - and no basis on which to make the argument for a bigger security budget.


However, while it’s uncommon nowadays to find a business without some form of security testing program in place, different organizations tend to be at very different levels of maturity when it comes to testing. This is often reflected in the tools, techniques and processes they use for the purpose. That’s not to say that some security testing solutions are right and some are wrong - they all have their own strengths and weaknesses, and the most sophisticated security teams know how to use them in conjunction to achieve the desired outcome. more!